Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a popular activity during the winter months in Becker County. Multiple public agencies, area resorts, and even private individuals maintain a number of ski trails throughout the County.

Cross-Country Ski trails within Becker County are maintained to varying degrees; from minimum maintenance level to a regularly groomed basis. Some trails may require a Minnesota State Ski Pass. Check with the trail sponsor regarding any rules and requirements.

XC Ski Conditions and Nordic Ski Club Activities Updates

If you want to receive trail condition and xc ski activity updates directly from the Nordic Ski Club, then send your email to and ask to be added to their email list.

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For area trail details, see the links below...

  • Mountain View Recreation Area

    The trails at Mountain View Recreation Area wind their way through a mature, mixed hardwood forest. While the local terrain is rolling to steeply rolling, the trails are laid out to accommodate all level of skiers, from beginners to the more experienced. Trails are wide and are regularly groomed for both classical and skate style skiing and offer several different loops. Parking for 10-15 vehicles is located along Tower Road. The Minnesota State Ski Trail Pass is currently NOT required.

    Length: 4.9 km

    Contact Information:
    Becker County Parks and Recreation
    200 State St E
    Detroit Lakes, MN 56501
    Phone: 218-846-2612
  • Pickerel Lake Ski Trails

    The Pickerel Lake Ski Trails are a mix of narrow, single track trails and forest roads. These trails meander through area hardwood forests and past several small potholes, offering numerous opportunities to spot deer, grouse, and many other forms of wildlife. The 9.1 km of trails are bisected by a local snowmobile trail and are groomed occasionally. Parking for 4-6 vehicles is located at the end of Sunset Road off Co. Hwy. 25. The Minnesota State Ski Trail Pass is currently NOT required.

    Length: 9.1 km

    Contact Information:
    MN DNR, Forestry
    14583 Co Hwy 19
    Detroit Lakes, MN 56501
    Phone: 218-846-8281
  • Pine Lake Cross Country Ski Trails

    This cross-country ski trail has two loops. The two mile loop will take you through a field, among the oak-maple forest and along the shores of Tamarac Lake. The Pine Lake loop is nearly 6 miles and will guide you around Pine Lake with spectacular views. Both trails are generally even terrain with a few short hills to keep your trek interesting. This ski trail is occasionally groomed by volunteers. Parking is located along Co. Hwy. 29 and can accommodate 6-8 vehicles. The Minnesota State Ski Trail Pass is currently NOT required.

    Length: 12.2 km

    Contact Information:
    Tamarac NWR
    35704 Co Hwy 26
    Rochert, MN 56578
    Phone: 218-847-2641
  • Additional Cross Country Ski Trails
    Contact Information:
    Maplelag Resort
    30501 Maplelag Rd
    Callaway, MN 56521
    Phone: 800-654-7711
    Maplelog Website
    Contact Information:
    Ike Fischer Farm
    34383 Co Hwy 118
    Frazee, MN 56544
    Phone: 218-841-1738
    Trail Map (PDF)