Pesticide Program & Pesticide Applicator Testing

It is the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's (MDA) policy to allow pesticide applicators to be tested by their County Agricultural Inspector (CAI). The CAI assists in the testing of pesticide applicators to insure that pesticide applications within the County are conducted by properly trained and licensed personnel.

Tests available at Becker SWCD by appointment.

Category Name
A Core - Everyone must take
B General Aerial
C Ag. Crops Pest Management
E Turf & Ornamentals
F Aquatic
G Forest Spraying
H Seed Treatment
I Anti-Microbial
J Rights-of-Way
K Ag. Pest Control
L Mosquito Control
P Pocket Gopher
Q Wood Preservatives

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Report Fertilizer & Pesticide Incidents to the Minnesota Duty Officer at:

Pesticide Applicator License Checks
The CAI will conduct pesticide applicator license checks to help insure that only properly licensed individuals within the county are applying pesticides. This will help reduce the misuse of pesticides within the County.