Huber/Work Release & Sentencing to Service (STS)

These programs are court authorized at the time of sentencing; however, the inmate must have their Huber/STS status approved by program staff according to jail policy. While in jail, inmates are allowed to have Huber or STS, not both.

Huber/Work Release

This program gives sentenced inmates the opportunity to maintain their current employment or obtain employment (with jail approval) while incarcerated. The inmates must pay the County a set fee per day to have that privilege.

If you have Huber status, and are gainfully employed, you will need to bring $105.00 cash at the time you check in; with $90.00 being a deposit and $15.00 for a Urinalysis fee. In addition, Huber fees are $15.00 per day worked. The $90.00 deposit will be returned to you at your release date or it can be applied toward your final Huber payment.

If working outside Becker County and/or are self-employed, in addition to the above fees, GPS may be required at the discretion of the program staff. This will require a second $90.00 deposit plus $15.00 per day (And a minimum payment of $75.00 per week) while out on Huber. Like the Huber deposit, your GPS deposit will be returned to you at your release or applied toward final GPS fees.

*Huber fees are collected for the month prior on the first of each month or the evening before your release (whichever occurs first). GPS fees are collected weekly or the day prior to release; whichever occurs first. All fees are collected out of your inmate account, cash only. It is your responsibility to insure funds are in your inmate account prior to collection dates. If you do not have adequate funds in your inmate account when these payments are due, Huber Status will be revoked until payment is received in full.

When you report the Minimum Security Facility (males) or the Maximum Facility (females), you will bring your job schedule. After being booked in, staff will verify your job information. Inmates granted Huber are allowed one (1) full time job or two (2*) part time jobs not to exceed daily and hourly limits. (* with prior approval of the program staff) Once this is accomplished, you must take – and pass a Urinalysis test. If the Urinalysis is a 'fail', you must wait 5 days before retesting. Once a negative result is achieved on the Urinalysis and additional paperwork is completed, you will be cleared for Huber release.

The normal work week consists of a 40 hour week. However, Huber-approved inmates with verified employment may be allowed out of the jail for work a maximum of 60 hours per week; which will include travel time. Any deviations from your approved schedule must be prior approved by the jail program staff. If your job requires you to work more than 60 hours per week, (including travel time) you must provide documentation verifying your need to work longer hours than what jail policy states to the courts and have it approved by the judge at your sentencing.

You must provide the jail with a copy of your driver's license and vehicle insurance card. If you are not a valid driver, you are not using public transportation and your employment is not within a 'walkable' distance, you must provide the jail with a copy of the driver's license and vehicle insurance card for each person you will be receiving a ride from; verifying the individual(s) as a valid driver. This information will be given at the time you report to jail.

At the time of reporting, you will receive the Huber Policy and U.A. Policy to read and sign off from before being allowed out for work. You are entitled to a copy of these rules as you will be held accountable for them. Not following these rules will result in violation of the program with possible termination of Huber Status and privileges.

If you are on any medication, understand that there are some that have been known to cause a false positive on a Urinalysis. If you take any medication other than Ibuprofen or acetaminophen, you may want to consult with your physician or pharmacist prior to serving your sentence, because a false positive test will have to be sent in, at your expense, and you will not be able to go out for Work Release until you have a negative test.

Huber inmates are fiscally responsible for their medication and medical appointments. Any out of state appointments must be prior approved by program staff and you must sign a waiver of extradition.

STS (Sentencing to Service)

Sentenced STS:

This court authorized program utilizes sentenced, minimum security inmates to work in a supervised crew to provide services throughout the county and in its jails. At sentencing, the inmate receives a set amount of hours they need to work either as STS or community service that is applied directly to any fines they have on their file(s). A fee is charged to all agencies requesting assistance from the STS program.

Inmates must sign up for STS and be approved according to jail policy.

In-house STS:

This court authorized program utilizes unsentenced minimum or medium inmates in the Maximum Security Jail to work off their fines from past, present and potential fines for current charges.

The criterion is more restrictive than Sentenced STS and is according to jail policy. The opportunities to work off these fines is dependent on how many inmates are jail approved for In-House STS and jobs available.

Any additional questions may be addressed to the Becker County Minimum Security Facility at 218-844-6340 for males or Becker County Maximum Facility at 218-847-2939, #6 for females.

*Keep in mind that these are just broad guidelines of the Becker County Jail Huber & STS Programs and that more information will be available at the time of checking in at the facility.