Inmate In-Custody List

The Becker County Sheriff's Office cannot represent that the information is current, accurate or complete. This information listed attempts to update every 30 minutes. The offense(s) listed may be the initial booking charge or an amended charge. They are not an admission of guilt, nor do they guarantee a conviction of any/all charges listed. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Information contained herein should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. Persons may use false identification information. True identity can only be confirmed through fingerprint comparison.

Name AgeLocationInfo
ANDERSON, LEONELL ALLENMugshot photo55Min SecurityMore info
ANNETTE, AUTUMN ROSEMugshot photo20Max SecurityMore info
BARRETT, ISABELL LORRAINEMugshot photo35Max SecurityMore info
BELLAND, CURTIS WAYNEMugshot photo29Max SecurityMore info
BELLANGER, CANDICE MARIEMugshot photo44Max SecurityMore info
BELLECOURT, MARVIN JOSEPHMugshot photo45Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
BERTRAND, JULIE ANNEMugshot photo44Max SecurityMore info
BLAKELY, DEREK TODDMugshot photo30Max SecurityMore info
BRELJE, RANDALL GENEMugshot photo62Min SecurityMore info
BRUGUIER, JOHN IIMugshot photo32Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
BRUGUIER, MICHAEL VINCENTMugshot photo34Max SecurityMore info
BUFKIN, QUAME DESHAWNMugshot photo34Max SecurityMore info
BURMEISTER, CHERYL JEANMugshot photo55Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
BURNS, JAY EDGARMugshot photo47Min SecurityMore info
CLARK, JOHN MATTHEWMugshot photo38Max SecurityMore info
CONKLIN, NICKY JOMugshot photo33Max SecurityMore info
CROUD, JOSHUA ALLENMugshot photo30Max SecurityMore info
DOW, ALYSSA MARIEMugshot photo18Max SecurityMore info
DURANT, NICHOLAS EDWARDMugshot photo27Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
ESQUIVEL, SASCHA MARTINMugshot photo33Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
FINEDAY, KEVIN WAYNE JRMugshot photo23Max SecurityMore info
FOX, TANNER LEENO PHOTO32Min SecurityMore info
FRENCH, ALEX JAMESMugshot photo19Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
GLATZMAIER, DYLLON JAMESMugshot photo26Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
GONZALEZ, RAUL NMN JRMugshot photo32Min SecurityMore info
HARSTAD, CHRISTOPHER STEVENMugshot photo32Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
JACKSON, BRADLEY HOWARDMugshot photo40Min SecurityMore info
JACOBSON, RAYN JUSTINMugshot photo19Max SecurityMore info
JENSON, RYAN PHILIPMugshot photo27Min SecurityMore info
JOHNSON, THOMAS SYDNEY JRMugshot photo34Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
JONES, BENJAMIN LEEMugshot photo18Max SecurityMore info
KEEZER, AARON THOMASMugshot photo39Max SecurityMore info
KETTLE, RANDY LEEMugshot photo35Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
KOLLAR, ANTHONY EMILMugshot photo42Min SecurityMore info
LAFOUNTAIN, GARY LAWRENCEMugshot photo47Min SecurityMore info
LARSON, BRADLEY JAYMugshot photo43Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
LARSON, STEVEN LEEMugshot photo32Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
LITTLE OWL, WADE WILLIAMMugshot photo43Min SecurityMore info
LOWE, JOHNNY LEEMugshot photo43Min SecurityMore info
LOWRY, LYMAN WILLIAMMugshot photo34Max SecurityMore info
MARTIN, DUSTIN BRUCEMugshot photo36Max SecurityMore info
MCMORRIS RICE, STEVEN ANTHONIMugshot photo25Min SecurityMore info
MOE, SHERI LEANNEMugshot photo41Max SecurityMore info
MUELLER, CHARIDY JOMugshot photo44Max SecurityMore info
NEWTON, DAVID RAYMugshot photo33Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
NORCROSS, TAMIKA CASSANDRAMugshot photo20Max SecurityMore info
ODONNELL, JARED SAXTONMugshot photo33Min SecurityMore info
PERSON, JEREMY JEROMEMugshot photo29Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
QUINN, MARK TODD JRMugshot photo30Max SecurityMore info
RICO, CRAIG ANTHONYMugshot photo29Max SecurityMore info
ROBINSON, DARRELL SAN-JUANMugshot photo39Max SecurityMore info
SANTO, ANTHONY FRANCISMugshot photo33Max SecurityMore info
SELLERS, BRIAN MICHAELMugshot photo35Max SecurityMore info
SPERL, JUSTIN STEPHENMugshot photo26Max SecurityMore info
ST CLAIR, PETER EUGENEMugshot photo30Max SecurityMore info
ST. CLAIR, TYRONE EUGENEMugshot photo32Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
STREITZ, JEROME ALDEN JRMugshot photo58Min SecurityMore info
SWANSON, REED LORINGMugshot photo38Max SecurityMore info
THOMPSOM, AMY SHARONMugshot photo30Max SecurityMore info
THOMPSON, RONALD WAYNE ELIASMugshot photo34Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
TIBIATOWSKI, JEREMY DANIELMugshot photo38Min SecurityMore info
WARREN, ADRIAN MATTHEWMugshot photo19Min SecurityMore info
WARREN, KATERI IRENEMugshot photo33Max SecurityMore info
WARREN, WESLEY JAMESMugshot photo37Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
WARREN, ZEEGWUNIKAYMugshot photo22Max SecurityMore info
WESTBROOK, THOMAS JAMESMugshot photo41Min SecurityMore info