Inmate In-Custody List

The Becker County Sheriff's Office cannot represent that the information is current, accurate or complete. This information listed attempts to update every 30 minutes. The offense(s) listed may be the initial booking charge or an amended charge. They are not an admission of guilt, nor do they guarantee a conviction of any/all charges listed. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Information contained herein should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. Persons may use false identification information. True identity can only be confirmed through fingerprint comparison.

Name AgeLocationInfo
ADAM, CASEY RAYMugshot photo27Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
ANDERSON, CHRISTOPHER COREYMugshot photo23Max SecurityMore info
ANDERSON, ELI SAMUELMugshot photo33Max SecurityMore info
ANDERSON, IRA JAMESMugshot photo37Max SecurityMore info
AZURE, ROBERT JAMES SRMugshot photo43Max SecurityMore info
BAKER, TIMOTHY ROBERTMugshot photo59Max SecurityMore info
BARKER, TRACY JAYMugshot photo54Min SecurityMore info
BASSWOOD, BRUCE ALLENMugshot photo48Max SecurityMore info
BELL, MAURICE CARNELLMugshot photo29Min SecurityMore info
BEVINS, JAMIE LEE SRMugshot photo44Max SecurityMore info
BOSWELL, AARON RICHARDMugshot photo23Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
BOUDREAU, TAMARA DOLORESMugshot photo44Max SecurityMore info
BROWN, DAVID WILLIAM JRMugshot photo31Min SecurityMore info
BUTCHER, JOHN WILLIAMMugshot photo35Min SecurityMore info
CHRISTIANSON, DARCY WAYNEMugshot photo55Min SecurityMore info
CLARK, ALISSA MAYMugshot photo20Max SecurityMore info
CLOW, PHILLIP RAY JRMugshot photo36Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
DAVIS, QUENTIN EDWARDMugshot photo38Min SecurityMore info
DENOMIE, HAILEY LYNNMugshot photo19Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
ENGELSON, JAMES FRANKLINMugshot photo27Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
FEW, CHRISTOPHER ALLENMugshot photo25Min SecurityMore info
FINGALSON, CHRISTOPHER DEANMugshot photo32Min SecurityMore info
FLEMING, SHAWNTI TRAMAYNEMugshot photo42Min SecurityMore info
FOSTER, PATRICK JAMESMugshot photo57Min SecurityMore info
FRENCH, ALEX JAMESMugshot photo19Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
FRENCH, PERCY LEONARD JRMugshot photo23Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
GOMEZ-VALADEZ, RAUL ARTUROMugshot photo25Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
GREEN, PHILIP NELSONMugshot photo40Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
GREENE, AMBER ROSEMugshot photo38Max SecurityMore info
GUNDERSON, JEFFREY SCOTTMugshot photo24Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
HELPS, DONALD JEFFREYMugshot photo37Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
HOLT, SEDRICK LAMARMugshot photo33Min SecurityMore info
JACK, TROY HUNTERMugshot photo20Max SecurityMore info
JACOBSON, RAYN JUSTINMugshot photo20Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
JOHNSON, NICHOLAS WALLACEMugshot photo27Max SecurityMore info
JONES, THOMAS RAYMugshot photo54Min SecurityMore info
KEEZER, GUY ANTHONYMugshot photo32Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
KEEZER, TYSON JAMESMugshot photo23Max SecurityMore info
KING, BRETT JAMESMugshot photo24Min SecurityMore info
KRINGEN, BARRETT ANNICK-ZEPHRYSMugshot photo23Min SecurityMore info
KUNTZ, CHRISTOPHER LYNNMugshot photo35Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
LABAW, BRIAN DAVIDMugshot photo57Min SecurityMore info
LAFRINIERE, ASHLEY FAYEMugshot photo24Max SecurityMore info
LAMPL, JASON DUANEMugshot photo28Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
LAVALLIE, HARRY LAWRENCEMugshot photo44Min SecurityMore info
LEIGLAND, MATTHEW JONMugshot photo25Max SecurityMore info
LOTT, KEVIN GENEMugshot photo60Min SecurityMore info
LOWRY, LYMAN WILLIAMMugshot photo35Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
LYONS, SARAH MARIEMugshot photo25Max SecurityMore info
MANYPENNY, JON MARVINMugshot photo34Max SecurityMore info
MARINUCCI, JASON GLENMugshot photo33Min SecurityMore info
MARTINEZ, JACOBMugshot photo23Max SecurityMore info
MCDONALD, RICHARD JOSEPHMugshot photo47Max SecurityMore info
MINNERATH, DEAN ROBERTMugshot photo56Max SecurityMore info
NEEDHAM JR, ROBERT JOHNMugshot photo21Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
PETERSON, MARK ANTHONYMugshot photo33Min SecurityMore info
RABIDEAUX, TRACY ANNEMugshot photo50Max SecurityMore info
ROBERTS, MARLON SOLOMONMugshot photo31Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
ROBINSON, KELVIN LAMONDMugshot photo45Min SecurityMore info
RODEWALD, ALISSA JOMugshot photo27Max SecurityMore info
SARGENT, BRIAN LEEMugshot photo33Min SecurityMore info
SIMMONS, ANTHONY WAYNEMugshot photo50Max SecurityMore info
SMITH, JOHN HOWARDMugshot photo53Min SecurityMore info
SMITH, LEONARD JOSEPHMugshot photo38Max SecurityMore info
STEFFL, MICHAEL JOHNMugshot photo39Max SecurityMore info
STREHLOW, CHRISTOPHER CHARLESMugshot photo32Min SecurityMore info
TALBOT, DAVID LEEMugshot photo34Min SecurityMore info
THELEN, MICHAEL NICHOLASMugshot photo45Max SecurityMore info
THOMPSON, CHARLES LEEMugshot photo54Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
TURNER, THOMAS AURTHORMugshot photo28Boarded Out - Hubbard CountyMore info
VILLEBRUN, KARRE ANNMugshot photo54Max SecurityMore info
WARREN, ADRIAN MATTHEWMugshot photo20Boarded Out - Todd CountyMore info
WARREN, MICHAEL JAMESMugshot photo22Max SecurityMore info
WEBER, COREY LEEMugshot photo24Max SecurityMore info
WILLIAMS, GEROME EDWARDMugshot photo20Max SecurityMore info
WINKELMAN, AARON ADRIANMugshot photo36Min SecurityMore info