Inmate In-Custody List

The Becker County Sheriff's Office cannot represent that the information is current, accurate or complete. This information listed attempts to update every 30 minutes. The offense(s) listed may be the initial booking charge or an amended charge. They are not an admission of guilt, nor do they guarantee a conviction of any/all charges listed. All parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Information contained herein should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. Persons may use false identification information. True identity can only be confirmed through fingerprint comparison.

 Inmate NameD.O.B.Location  
Mugshot photoALVARADO, CHRISTINE MARY 07/13/1971Max Security31009 Details
Mugshot photoARCHER, WAYNE ALVIN 06/11/1957Max Security30958 Details
Mugshot photoAZURE, JEFFREY ALLAN 07/30/1976Min Security31024 Details
Mugshot photoBASSWOOD, DONOVAN LAWRENCE 01/07/1990Max Security30903 Details
Mugshot photoBELGARDE, LARRY PAUL 11/01/1952Max Security30955 Details
Mugshot photoBELLANGER, JEREL EDWARD 11/11/1977Min Security30844 Details
Mugshot photoBELLANGER, MALLORY ELIZABETH 06/25/1989Max Security30819 Details
Mugshot photoBEVINS, COREY VICTOR 08/15/1976Max Security30532 Details
Mugshot photoBLACKFEATHER, ELTON JOHN 10/30/1972Max Security31001 Details
Mugshot photoBRANDEN, TERRY DUANE 08/27/1959Max Security30930 Details
Mugshot photoBURKHART, GORDY LEE 07/18/1979Max Security31031 Details
Mugshot photoBURNSIDE-STEWART, ANGELA CHRISTINE 07/09/1981Max Security31025 Details
Mugshot photoCORRELL, SHARI LYNN 12/30/1959Max Security30945 Details
Mugshot photoCRITT, JEREMIAH LEE 04/30/1980Min Security31030 Details
Mugshot photoDEGROAT, DONALD EUGENE 07/26/1983Max Security31005 Details
Mugshot photoDEHOFF, DAVID WAYNE 06/11/1955Min Security30900 Details
NO PHOTODODD, MATTHEW SILAS 03/29/1989Min Security31023 Details
Mugshot photoDRAACK, WALTER DAVID 09/19/1975Min Security30501 Details
Mugshot photoENGLUND, NEIL DANIEL 06/13/1976Max Security31016 Details
Mugshot photoFAIRBANKS, MARLA JO 07/09/1980Max Security30994 Details
Mugshot photoFRENCH, PERCY LEONARD 01/03/1978Min Security30323 Details
Mugshot photoGILLESPIE, PETER NATHANIEL 02/01/1991Max Security30313 Details
Mugshot photoGOODMAN, ROBERT DUANE 06/30/1970Max Security30843 Details
Mugshot photoGUY, TRAVIS JOHN 08/11/1982Max Security30650 Details
Mugshot photoHESSE-HAMILTON, BRANDON SCOTT 06/14/1985Min Security30688 Details
Mugshot photoHOLMAN, JEFFERY 01/28/1958Min Security30325 Details
Mugshot photoJACKSON, SCOTT TRUMAN 07/07/1965Min Security30324 Details
Mugshot photoJEFFERSON, KENNETH DALE 08/10/1973Max Security30345 Details
Mugshot photoJENNINGS, STEFFON TITUS 07/20/1988Max Security31011 Details
Mugshot photoJONES, CHARLES JAMES 03/13/1965Max Security30469 Details
Mugshot photoKLOBUCHAR, CRAIG JOHN 12/07/1960Min Security31034 Details
Mugshot photoKOENIG, KARAYAN ADAMMA 05/30/1976Max Security30668 Details
Mugshot photoLARSON, MATTHEW JOEL 12/27/1982Max Security31013 Details
Mugshot photoLAVALLIE, HARRY LAWRENCE 07/02/1974Max Security30887 Details
Mugshot photoLOHNES, TAHNEE LEE 11/09/1989Max Security30950 Details
Mugshot photoLONGFIELD, JAMES MATTHEW 03/12/1985Min Security30827 Details
Mugshot photoMASTENBROOK, CRAIG STEVEN 12/04/1987Max Security30978 Details
Mugshot photoMCFADZEN, TIMOTHY LUKE 06/11/1987Max Security31020 Details
Mugshot photoMILLER, THOMAS MARTIN 05/19/1974Min Security30799 Details
NO PHOTOMOLACEK, THEODORE EDWARD 09/27/1972Min Security30972 Details
Mugshot photoMURRAY, RUSSELL KEITH 04/06/1965Min Security31033 Details
Mugshot photoNASON, SUMMER BROOK 08/18/1990Max Security30924 Details
Mugshot photoNEELAND, NAKOA 09/06/1978Max Security30638 Details
Mugshot photoNORCROSS, TRAVIS JEROME 10/10/1982Max Security30863 Details
Mugshot photoPATTERSON, DESMOND TIRRELL 01/12/1983Min Security30058 Details
Mugshot photoPELHAM, AARON LEE 03/12/1983Max Security30915 Details
Mugshot photoPETERSON, ERIC LEIGH 03/21/1976Min Security30939 Details
Mugshot photoRADER, STEVEN PAUL 01/25/1963Min Security30728 Details
Mugshot photoROY, GLORIA LYNN 05/01/1983Max Security31032 Details
Mugshot photoSARGENT, BRENDA MAE 12/02/1963Max Security30891 Details
Mugshot photoSARITH, NICHOLAS MONTARO 08/17/1984Min Security30980 Details
Mugshot photoSCHUE, JUSTIN MICHAEL 02/25/1983Min Security30914 Details
Mugshot photoSHAW, ELIZABETH ANNMARIE 10/12/1989Max Security30898 Details
Mugshot photoSTENSRUD, DAVID LEE 05/17/1956Max Security29188 Details
Mugshot photoSTRONG, JESSE ALAN 06/07/1995Max Security31019 Details
Mugshot photoSUPER, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH 07/13/1967Max Security31007 Details
Mugshot photoTHOMEY, WADE ALLAN 07/31/1970Min Security29094 Details
Mugshot photoTURMAN, CHARLES STEVEN 04/08/1977Max Security30815 Details
Mugshot photoVEGA, CHRISTOPHER 12/28/1984Min Security30128 Details
Mugshot photoWALZ, JEFFERY LEE 10/23/1974Max Security30816 Details
Mugshot photoWATLAND, NATHAN JOHN 11/17/1980Max Security31027 Details
Mugshot photoWOLD, ALEC HAROLD 10/12/1993Min Security30982 Details

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