Adult Services

Adult Protection

This program provides services to vulnerable individuals including frail, elderly and disabled individuals. These individuals may be experiencing difficulty protecting themselves and obtaining basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and/or medical care.

Reports of vulnerable adults are received and investigated and services are provided as needed. Services are provided with a goal of eliminating neglect, abuse and exploitation of vulnerable individuals. Services are focused on safety and well-being and may include guardianships, residential placement, home health services or adult daycare/respite care.

Agency staff collaborates with home health care providers, public health, law enforcement agencies and other providers of services to the senior and disabled populations.

To report a concern regarding a vulnerable adult, please refer to the following contact information:

State Toll-Free Hotline (24/7):

Mandated reporters can report online:
DHS Report Abuse website

Developmental Disabilities

This program provides services to developmentally disabled children and adults to promote self sufficiency, independence and community integration with services provided in the least restrictive setting.

Services are based on needs and preferences of the consumer and provide opportunities for development and exercise of age appropriate skills, decision-making and choice, personal advocacy and communication. Services include residential services, sheltered employment, independent living skills training, respite care and information and referral. Case management services are provided to assist in assessing individuals' needs, to arrange for services, to develop case plans and monitor outcomes.

To request services or receive additional information:

Call 218-847-5628 and ask for 'Adult Intake'

Becker County Workshop

The Becker County Workshop provides sheltered employment and training for individuals with disabilities and barriers to competitive employment. The Workshop operates under a special certificate from the US Department of Labor.

Individuals with developmental disabilities and/or mental health issues are eligible for services provided through the Workshop. Services are provided on sight and in the community and these include supported employment, vocational evaluation, placement and job coaching. Employees are paid a wage based on their productivity.

Funding for the Workshop is provided by Becker County Human Services.

For more information:

Call 218-846-0691 or 218-847-5628 and ask for 'Adult Intake'