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List of meetings held for each township and/or city. Columns shown are; schedule, time, and location.
Atlanta Twp3rd Tuesday of Month7:30 PMAtlanta Town Hall
Audubon Twp1st Monday of Month7:00 PMAudubon Community Center
Burlington Twp1st Tuesday of Month6:00 PMBurlington Town Hall
Callaway Twp3rd Tuesday of Month7:30 PMRoger & Sharon Winter Residence
Carsonville Twp1st Wednesday of Month7:00 PMCarsonville Town Hall
Cormorant Twp2nd & Last Tuesday of Month April-October7:00 PMCormorant Community Center
Last Tuesday of Month November-March7:00 PMCormorant Community Center
December Meeting to be announced
Cuba Twp1st Monday of Month-if it falls on a holiday or inclement weather meetings are on 2nd Monday
May - October8:00 PMCuba Town Hall
November - April1:00 PMLake Park City Center
Detroit Twp2nd Tuesday of Month7:00 PMDetroit Town Hall
Exceptions: August 16th & November 15th7:00 PMDetroit Town Hall
Eagle View Twp2nd Tuesday of Month7:00 PMElbow Lake Community Center
Erie Twp1st Tuesday of Month6:30 PMErie Town Hall
Exception: July 12th 6:30 PMErie Town Hall
Evergreen Twp2nd Monday of Month April - September7:00 PMClerks Home
2nd Monday of Month October - March7:00 PMHome of Treasurer
Forest Twp2nd Tuesday of Month6:30 PMForest Town Hall
Green Valley Twp1st Tuesday of Month7:00 PMGreen Valley Town Hall
Hamden Twp2nd Thursday of Month4:30 PMClerk's Residence
Height of Land Twp2nd Monday of Month7:30 PMHeight of Land Town Hall
Holmesville Twp2nd Monday of Month6:30 pmHolmesville Town Hall
Lake Eunice Twp2nd Tuesday of Month7:00 PMLake Eunice Town Hall
Lake Park Twp2nd Monday of Months November - April7:00 PMLake Park Town Hall
2nd Monday of Months May - Sept.8:30 PMLake Park Town Hall
2nd Tuesday of Month in October8:30 PMLake Park Town Hall
Lake View Twp2nd Monday of Month6:00 PMLake View Town Hall
Maple Grove Twp1st Mon. of Month-Unless the 1st Monday is a Holiday
April - November7:00 PMMaple Grove Town Hall
December - March7:00 PMEva Brakefield Residence
Osage Twp2nd Thursday of Month7:00 PMOsage Community Center
Pine Point Twp2nd Monday of Month8:00 PMPine Point Town Hall
December - No meeting
Riceville Twp1st Monday of Month7:00 PMClerk Residence (515) 250-7412
Richwood Twp2nd Tuesday of Month7:00 PMRichwood Town Hall
Round Lake Twp1st Thursday of Month March-November7:00 PMRound Lake Town Hall
1st Thursday of Month Dec - Feb7:00 PMTownship Clerk Residence
Runeberg Twp3rd Friday of Month7:00 PMClerk Residence (218) 564-4249
Savannah TwpExceptions: if it falls on a holiday meetings will be the 3rd Monday
2nd Monday of Month January-December 7:00 PMSavannah Town Hall
Shell Lake Twp2nd Tuesday of Month7:30 PMShell Lake Town Hall
Silver Leaf Twp2nd Monday of Month7:30 PMSilver Leaf Town Hall
Spring Creek Twp2nd Tuesday of Month9:00 AMClerk Reisdence
Spruce Grove Twp2nd Tuesday of Month November-April7:00 PMSpruce Grove Town Hall
1st Tuesday of March ONLY!7:00 PMSpruce Grove Town Hall
2nd Tuesday of Month May-October8:00 PMSpruce Grove Town Hall
Sugar Bush Twp2nd Thursday of Month 5:00 PMSugar Bush Town Hall
Toad Lake Twp2nd Monday of Month7:00 PMToad Lake Town Hall
Exceptions: August 8th & November 14th7:00 PMToad Lake Town Hall
Two Inlets Twp1st Tuesday of Month7:30 PMTwo Inlets Town Hall
Walworth Twp2nd Monday of Month7:00 PMWalworth Town Hall, 39000 Co Rd 157, Ulen
White Earth Twp2nd Monday of Month6:30 PMRussell Kent Residence, 37112 Co Rd 111
Wolf Lake Twp1st Tuesday of Month7:00 PMWolf Lake Lions Hall
Exception: July 5th7:00 PMWolf Lake Lions Hall
Audubon City2nd Monday of Month7:00 PMAudubon City Office
Callaway City2nd Tuesday of Month7:00 PMCallway City Hall
Detroit Lakes City2nd Tuesday of Month5:00 PMDetroit Lakes Council Chambers
Frazee City2nd Monday of Month6:00 PMFrazee Fire Hall
Lake Park City2nd Monday of Month7:00 PMLake Park City Center
Ogema City1st Monday of Month6:00 PMOgema Fire Hall
Wolf Lake City2nd Tuesday of Month7:00 PMRescue Building Meeting Room