Steve Carlson - County Assessor

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  • Assessment Notice - 2017 Board of Review Meetings to be Held in April

    Notice is hereby given, that the Board of Review of Equalization of the various taxing districts in Becker County will conduct meetings at the specified times and locations for the purpose of correcting assessments for the year of 2017. Public Notice...

The Becker County Assessor is appointed by the County Board of Commissioners and approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Revenue. He/she supervises the property assessments of all townships and cities within the county. The property assessments are made by State accredited and certified appraisal staff from the county office and by State certified assessors hired by townships and cities. The assessor's office maintains assessment records on approximately 29,200 taxable properties and approximately 3,339 tax exempt properties.

The assessor's office provides township and city assessors with value and classification schedules to be used as guidelines. These schedules are developed and maintained through sales ratio studies completed by county office staff. These studies are used by the County Assessor to adjust and equalize all values between individual properties, taxing districts, school districts, and adjacent counties.

The assessor's office provides information to property owners, appraisers, real estate personnel, attorneys, banks and the general public. Most information in the assessor's office is public, except for data subject to the data privacy act.