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  • Rep. Marquart Disputes MN Auditor Lawsuit Filed Against County

    Minnesota State Auditor Rebecca Otto's lawsuit against three counties and the state over changes in her duties that lawmakers approved last year is wasteful and is not supported by the state Constitution, a lawmaker said he told her Friday. Read more...

  • Becker County Supports Law Allowing Independent Auditors

    Becker County was one of three counties sued over a new law that allows counties to have their audits conducted by private certified public accountant firms instead of being audited by the State Auditor. Becker County paid the office of state auditor approximately $84,000 for last year's audit. The last private audit of the County was at a cost of $32,000 by an independent auditing firm.

    "We don't understand why the State Auditor named Becker County in the suit as more than 50 Minnesota counties refused to sign a three year contract with the state auditor's office. We did execute a one year agreement with the State Auditor as required under the new law," Ingstad said.

    The state Constitution does not explicitly outline the duties of the state auditor, an office that the duties are set by the legislature. The legislature restructured the state auditor's office in the 70's giving them the duties to audit counties. "Now the legislature is changing those duties again. I wish this dispute could be settled in the Capitol instead of dragging us into a court battle," said Ingstad.

  • Career Opportunities - County Seeking I.T. Director, Planning & Zoning Director and Natural Resource Management Supervisor

    Becker County is seeking to fill three full time management positions that are vacant, a Director of Information Technology (IT), a Director of Planning & Zoning (P&Z),  and also a Natural Resource Management (NRM) Supervisor. For more information, see the following links: IT Director Profile  |  P&Z Director Profile  |  NRM Supervisor Posting  |  Employment Page

  • Public Notice - Individuals Sought to Fill Open Board and Committee Positions

    The Becker County Board of Commissioners are seeking individuals interested in volunteering to serve on county Boards or Committees that have current openings, such as Board of Adjustments, Planning Commission, RAC. Notice...  |  Sunnyside Notice...  |  More info...

  • Invitation to Bid - Highway Department Seeking to Award Contracts

    The Becker County Highway Department is seeking to award contracts for roadside mowing and gravel road maintenance in several areas of the county. Bids must be received by March 4th, 2016.

    More information:  Roadside Mowing Bids  |  Gravel Road Maintenance Bids

  • Public Notice - Cormorant Lakes Watershed District Appointment

    The Becker County Board of Commissioners is looking to make an appointment to the Board of Managers of the Cormorant Lakes Watershed District to fill an open position. More info...

  • EDA's Tax Levy Cut in Half

    Several changes in Becker County's housing and economic development department allowed the County Commissioners to cut the agencies dependence on the property tax levy in half for 2016. The levy went from $160,748 in 2015 to $80,480 in 2016. The agency currently contracts with MMCDC to oversee all of the agencies housing programs and properties. In other action, the Commissioners restored the EDA coordinators position to full-time next year. That position was funded half from EDA and half from the recreational budget of NRM in 2015.

  • County Approves Levy – 1.9 Increase in Tax Levy

    The Becker County Commissioners on Tuesday reduced the County's final 2016 levy numbers for both the General Fund and the EDA Authority. The County's preliminary general fund levy of 2.95 was reduced to 1.9. The reduction was accomplished by the reduction of several full-time employees. A general fund non-levy revenue loss of approximately $240,000 was mainly responsible for the final levy increase. The EDA Authority's levy reduction was accomplished by the elimination of two full time employees and the contracting with MMCDC to oversee the agencies housing functions. The EDA's total levy was cut in half to $80,480.

  • 'State of the County' Address Given by Chairman Grimsley

    Chairman Grimsley addressed the public on Tuesday, December 15th, and presented the annual end of year 'State of the County' address. Watch video...

  • Real ID Act: Will Minnesotans Need a Passport to Fly Domestically Starting January 2016?

    The best information we can provide is to refer you to the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage. Because these rules are issued by DHS and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and not by the Department of State, the best source of information on REAL ID Act and domestic air travel is to check with the DHS and TSA. More info...

  • County Continues to Explore New Jail in Current Location

    The architect and engineer working with Becker County on a new jail project have confirmed that the current county jail can have a third floor added on, which would mean the jail wouldn't have to move and could yet serve its purpose for years to come.  The Jail committee will be meeting in early December on next steps with the project.

  • Recorder's Office Warns Property Owners of Scam

    The scam letter is from a company referred to as 'Local Records Office'. The company offers you a copy of your Deed for the fee of $89.00. The Becker County Recorder's Office can provide you a copy of the Deed to your property at no cost. To obtain a copy, visit our office, or call 218-846-7304 for more information. Sample letter...

  • Business Recycling Survey - Help us better serve you!

    In our effort to better serve residents and businesses, we request your cooperation in completing a short survey regarding your business recycling efforts. Once completed, please save the PDF with your completed answers, name it with your business name, and attach it to an email addressed to Contact Becker County Environmental Services at (218) 846-7310 if you need assistance. Click here to complete survey...

  • Public Notice - Local Sales and Use Tax

    Starting July 1, 2014, Becker County will have a 0.5 percent transit sales and use tax. The tax will be administered by the MN Dept. of Revenue and the revenue will be used to fund Becker County road projects (SMART). General notice...  |  More info...

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